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2018 Elections


2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS CANDIDATES - All of the following 3 were elected.

The following candidates are running for the Board of Directors (listed alphabetically).  The four candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be elected to the Board.  These members and the current Board members will then elect an additional member-at-large:

Gayle Anderson

How long have you been a member of the Columbus Ski Club and why did you join?  

I joined the club in 2000 to go on a ski trip to Banff, Canada. I was nervous about not knowing anyone but ended up having a wonderful time. My trip leader, Peggy McDaniel, introduced me to other skiers and made me feel welcome. I've continued to go on CSC trips every year since then.

What trips or activities had you led or been involved in?

I have been the chair of western ski trips for the past five years. I have investigated and negotiated each ski trip we've taken, followed its progress and okayed the final budgets before it went to the board.

Please tell us about yourself (personal/business)

If elected, I would like to continue as Secretary. I am a big advocate of the Columbus Ski Club and would like to do my part to see the club grow and succeed.

Why do you want to run for the Board?I am the owner of Anderson Reporting Services, which is a court reporting/legal videographer business. We are presently in our 26th year here in the Columbus area. I live in Dublin with my two pugs, Rollo and Rose; and foster dogs through Purebred Rescue of Ohio. Presently I share my home with my foster Pug Ben. I enjoy most sports, playing tennis and golf with the Columbus Ski Club, along with skiing. I am originally from Toledo and still have many family and friends up north.

Art Kahn

How long have you been a member of the Columbus Ski Club and why did you join? 

Member since 1983. Joined to meet people and get involved in sports and other activities.


What trips or activities have you led or been involved in?


17 seasons activity leader for our great bowling league!

23 seasons social softball coach

2 seasons activity leader for social softball

3 years CSC board member


Participated in:

tennis, soccer, euchre, cycling, ski trips, football trips


Why do you want to run for the Board?

Having enjoyed the plethora of activities over the years, it is great to be involved in decision-making with regards to future fun activities.


Ben Zirkes

How long have you been a member of the Columbus Ski Club and why did you join?

I’ve been a member of the club for 3 years. I joined the club as a way to meet new people and forge lasting friendships in a social environment shortly after moving to Columbus.


What trips or activities had you led or been involved in?

I have not led any activities or trips yet but have been a vocal participant of the club’s soccer, softball, and tennis leagues/activities. This spring, I plan on organizing an axe throwing activity so that members can have a chance to experience the fun & excitement that is axe throwing.


Please tell us about yourself (personal/business)

) I’m currently the Facility Manager at Stars Indoor Sports, a 75,000 square foot indoor sports facility that runs various youth and adult sports leagues/tournaments, having been with the company for just under 4 years now. I have been a Certified Arena Operator (CAO) through the US Indoor Sports Association since 2012 and help with the administration of multiple youth soccer tournaments in the Columbus area and across the Midwest since 2008.


Why do you want to run for the Board?

If elected to the Board, I will bring my passion and energy to supportively encourage newer members of the club to participate and volunteer in leadership roles, which will benefit all members and club activities by strengthening the infrastructure of the club long term. I believe that my unique background of sports administration can benefit the club by encouraging best practices in decreasing the turnover of participants and recruitment of new members in all club activities and events.